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Dr. Lynne Trench in the Rat Lab

Welcome to the Psychology Department!

If you're like most people, you've looked at the world around you and wondered what exactly makes human beings tick. Psychology is the scientific study of the brain, mind, and behavior. Psychologists use the scientific method to answer a host of questions like: Why are drugs and alcohol so addictive? Can our genes determine how intelligent we are? Will I develop Schizophrenia? Why do so many people believe in weird things (like ESP)? What's going on in the brain when we sleep and dream?

Major, Minor:

Students can major or minor in Psychology.

Overview of the major:

Psychology majors obtain a strong foundation in statistics and research methods as well as the following areas: biological, cognitive, learning, social, developmental, and clinical psychology. See the college catalog for the most up-to-date information on requirements for the major.


    Meet the Psychology Faculty:

    Click on the names below to learn more about each member in the department.

    Dr. Joseph Chandler, Assistant Professor, Psychology

    Dr. Shane Pitts, Jack G. Paden Professor, Psychology

    Dr. Richard Rector, Assistant Professor, Psychology

    Dr. Lynne Trench, Professor, Biological Psychology

    Dr. Greta Valenti, Assistant Professor, Psychology

    Dr. Jessica Allen, Assistant Professor, Psychology


    Alumni profiles:

    Some of our graduates jump into the workforce following graduation, but approximately 2/3 of our graduates go on to some type of professional or graduate school. Besides going on to graduate school in various areas of psychology (clinical, social, cognitive, neuroscience) some go on to health fields (medical, dental, or physical therapy programs), divinity school, law school, and other types of professional or graduate programs. Here are some of our recent graduates:

    John Paul Wilson Miami University of Ohio, Social Psychology 
    Rachel Kendra – Northern Illinois University, Clinical Psychology 
    Amanda Brothers – Executive Assistant, The Exceptional Foundation, Birmingham, Alabama
    Patrick Powell – University of Alabama, Cognitive Psychology 
    Meredith Wolfe – University of Alabama, School of Law
    William Temple – University of Alabama Birmingham, School of Physical Therapy
    Katie Sack – Emory University, Chandler School of Theology, Master of Divinity Program
    Sarah Carper – Wake Forrest University, Social Psychology 
    Ameet Bosmia – University of Washington, School Psychology

    From Left: Dr. Lynne Trench, Sarah Carper, Dr. Tricia Witte

    From Left: Dr. Lynne Trench, Sarah Carper, Dr. Tricia Witte
    Sarah Carper was the recipient of the Kurt Lewin/Richard McCallum Award in 2011

    From left: Dr. Lynne Trench, Katie Sack, Dr. Tricia Witte, Dr. Shane Pitts

    From left: Dr. Lynne Trench, Katie Sack, Dr. Tricia Witte, Dr. Shane Pitts
    Katie Sack was the recipient of the Edward Chase Tolman/Terry Goodrick Award in 2011

To contact the BSC Department of Psychology, please write or email:

Department Chair: Dr. Lynne Trench
Department of Psychology
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Road / Box 549022
Birmingham, Alabama 35254-9021