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Each of the disciplines in the Department of Political Science, Economics, and Sociology employs scientific methods to explain and predict human behavior. That means our courses encourage critical and objective thinking and the ability to analyze quantitatively and qualitatively, to communicate clearly, and to identify the ethical dimensions of political, economic, and social phenomena.

A major in Political Science, Economics, or Sociology prepares you for a range of graduate and professional schools or careers. Our graduates go on to be leaders in government, finance, law, and the non-profit world, along with many other options. To learn more about our success stories, click on each of the disciplines at left.

Our faculty also participate in: 
Latin American Studies
Media and Film Studies
Global Comparative Studies 
The Pre-Law Program at BSC
Urban Environmental Studies



    Political Science

    Natalie M. Davis, Howell T. Heflin Professor Emerita of Political Science
    Vincent T. Gawronski, Associate Professor of Political Science
    Desiree' Melonas - Assistant Professor of Political Science


    Guangjun Qu, Assistant Professor of Economics 
    Sara Robicheaux, Associate Professor of Finance
    Javier Elias Portillo, Assistant Professor of Economics
    Kathleen Greer Rossmann, Associate Professor of Economics


    Stephanie Hansard, Visiting Instructor of Sociology
    William Holt III
    , Assistant Professor of Sociology
    Megan Mills, Assistant Professor of Sociology