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Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC)

Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC)

What is Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum?

Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC) challenges students to develop their language proficiency through a series of one-semester-hour courses in variety of disciplines.Birmingham-Southern College faculty have created one-hour FLAC courses in Spanish in such disciplines as Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and History. FLAC courses in Chinese may be arranged in consultation with the professor.

Qualified students may register for these one-hour courses and earn 1/4 unit credit. Students who take two or more FLAC courses will receive a FLAC designation on their transcript.

What are the benefits?

FLAC offers students opportunities to enhance their foreign language proficiency and cultural knowledge through course work in other discipline areas. Students will learn in target language the vocabulary, terminology, and concepts used in academics or professional disciplines and will read from scholarly or professional works published in that language. Students will develop a keener cultural awareness and language skills necessary to participate more fully in today's shrinking, interdependent world.

Who may participate?

Students who have completed 220 in their chosen language are eligible for the FLAC. To register for a particular FLAC course, you also need to be currently enrolled in the content course or have completed this course previously.

How do I register?

Look for courses listed as SN 333 and talk to the language professor who is teaching the FLAC course to schedule your FLAC session.

What courses are part of the FLAC program?

Spanish :

CH 122 General Chemistry II  
ES 150 Introduction to Environmental Studies
HI 360, Social History of Latin America
HI 361, Modern Latin America and the Revolutionary
PS 240, Introduction to Latin American Politics