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    Math Lab

    The Mathematics Department offers a tutoring service free of charge to BSC students. The students who work in the lab have completed some advanced mathematics courses and are experienced in tutoring.  Walk-in tutoring is available for all math courses numbered 310 and below

    The Writing Center

    Humanities Center 102

    Hours of Operation
    5:00pm - 10:00pm
    3:30pm - 10:00pm
    3:30pm - 10:00pm
    3:30pm - 10:00pm
    3:30pm - 10:00pm

    Center Director: Dr. Lucas Johnson

    Dear BSC Students,

    We are here to help you learn more about writing. Writing plays an increasingly important role in all our lives, and BSC has provided a Writing Center you can make use of throughout your time here.

    The Writing Center can help you work on whatever you are writing at the moment. You can bring writing assignments, research projects, lab reports, or writing outside of class, such as personal statements or scholarship applications. So that the tutor can better help you, you and the tutor will first talk about the assignment. Then together, you will decide how to focus. You can work on organization, citing resources, developing ideas, thinking about audience expectations, or editing skills.

    We understand that, no matter your skill level, writing is hard. Whether you are an accomplished senior working on a senior project or a first-year student just beginning to write in academic settings, good writing takes time and effort. You don't have to labor alone! The Writing Center is a space where you can share your thoughts about (and struggles with) the practice of writing, a resource to help you succeed at Birmingham-Southern.

    Who We Are

    Our tutors are BSC students who are dedicated to learning more about writing and want to share their experience with you. Tutors are trained to learn about the different ways people write and how to talk about writing with others in a respectful way.

    When we talk about "who we are," we are also thinking of you. When it comes to peer tutoring, tutor and writer play different, but equally important, roles. Peer tutoring is special in that it gives you, the student, an opportunity to voice your priorities, ideas, and concerns. It can be a time to think aloud, organize thoughts, and ask questions for which there's not always time in the classroom. Who are we? We are a community of students and faculty working together to make writing a more productive and meaningful learning experience at BSC.

    Our Mission

    The Writing Center is committed to the campus-wide improvement of student writing through peer tutoring. Our priority is to reach students in formative and critical stages of academic writing. We aim for the ongoing development of our tutoring by assessing student outcomes, maintaining communication with faculty, and cultivating conversation about writing pedagogy across the BSC community.

    Make an Appointment with Us!

    There are two ways to make an appointment. The first (and easiest) way is to drop in and ask to work with a tutor. If tutors are busy, you can hang around until a tutor becomes free. Always bring a printed copy of your work so that tutors can better assist you.

    Sometimes, however, you may not have time to wait (or your schedule won't allow you to wait). In this case, we recommend making an appointment by emailing Here is what to include in the email:

    1) Choose two appointment times, indicating which one is preferred. We accept appointments in half-hour blocks during Hours of Operation.

    2) If you have a preferred tutor you want to work with, include his or her name.

    We will respond to your request within 24 hours (though it will usually be much less than that). Again, if you require immediate help, please visit the Writing Center and make a walk-in appointment.

    Hope to see you soon!