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Student Government Association

Student Government Association


    SGA Committees


    The Athletics Committee supports and actively promotes all school athletics. This committee is also responsible for planning and executing special promotions for home athletic events throughout the year.


    The Budget Committee is mainly responsible for preparing the SGA Budget and also functions as an appropriations committee, screening proposals before submission to the Legislature.

    Campus Communications

    The Campus Communication Chairperson serves as the administrator of social media for SGA and the publication for upcoming SGA events. It is the Chairperson's responsibility to ensure that SGA's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are kept up-to-date and accessible for the student body.

    Community Connections

    The Community Connections Committee is responsible for identifying and organizing philanthropic enterprises for the SGA, as well as keeping the SGA informed of major philanthropic events on campus. This committee is also responsible for at least two projects a year.


    The Diversity Chairperson serves as the liaison between SGA and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The Chairperson also sits on the Diversity Enrichment Team as well as the Multicultural Advisory Committee.


    Elections Board Chairperson is responsible for organizing, publicizing, and executing elections for Freshman, Representative, and Executive Officer positions. The Chairperson is also responsible for reviewing and revising SGA election procedures.


    The Initiatives Committee works closely with the Southern-Environmental Center to plan, coordinate, and execute all environmental initiatives of the SGA. This committee is also responsible for carrying out any and all appreciation weeks that are deemed necessary by the Legislature.

    Internal Review

    The Internal Review Committee works on amending the Bylaws and the Constitution of the SGA as seen fit.


    Publications Board Chairperson is responsible for the oversight of compensation to the editors and staff of BSC student publications.

    Special Projects

    The Special Projects Committee organizes any possible special projects for the campus and assists the Executive Vice President with Welcome Back Dinners, Christmas Party, and the Stirling Speaker.

    Student Relations

    The Student Relations Committee is responsible for informing the student body of all the activities and projects the SGA undertakes. This committee also focuses on efforts on gathering student feedback in response to SGA activity and encouraging students to attend SGA and school sponsored activities.


    SGA Officers

    Fall 2016

    Please contact SGA as needed. Outside of office hours and weekly meetings (Wednesdays, 6:30pm), email is the preferred initial method of contact. Please feel free to contact our SGA Advisor, Robby Prince as well,

    Caroline Irby


    Caroline Irby

    Toby E. White

    Executive Vice President

    Toby E. White

    Shivkumar Desai


    Shivkumar Desai

    Griffith Hawk


    Griffith Hawk


    Budget, Roster, and Important Forms