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Barbara Domcekova

Barbara Domcekova

Associate Professor of Spanish

Barbara DomcekovaOffice:

Berte Humanities Building 203

Contact Information:

Box 549029
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: (205) 226-4975
Office Fax: n(205) 226-3089

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Brief Career Background:


Educational Background:

Ph.D. University of Florida 1999
M.A. University of Florida 1995
B.A. Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1992

Areas of Academic Interest:

  • Cuban Contemporary Narrative
  • Cuban Post-Revolutionary Culture
  • 20th Century Brazilian Literature
  • Foreign Language Across the Curriculum

Courses Taught:

SN 101 Elementary Spanish I (1)
An introduction to the sounds and structure of the language as well as to the culture of Hispanic peoples. Skills emphasized are reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension. Designed for students who have no prior knowledge of Spanish. Prerequisite: consent. Fall. SN 201

SN 220 Intermediate Spanish (1)
Building on beginning Spanish, this course thoroughly reviews basic grammar concepts, builds vocabulary, and further develops all four language skills. Prerequisite: SN 102, 201 or consent. Fall, Spring.

SN 270 Tertulia española (1)
Instruction and practice in oral comprehension and speaking. Conversation is based on realia (newspapers, magazines, videos). The course emphasizes oral proficiency and awareness of modern culture. Prerequisite: SN 220 or consent. Fall.

SN 280 Estrategias para leer (1)
An introduction to Spanish literature as well as to the skills and methods needed to read literature in the Spanish language. This course provides practice in and application of these skills using a variety of genres. The course increases reading proficiency and prepares students for 400-level literature courses. (Does not satisfy general education requirement in literature.) Prerequisite: SN 220 or consent; SN 270 highly recommended. Spring.

SN 300 Advanced Conversation (1)
Intensive audio-lingual practice in the classroom and language laboratory, phonetics, oral reports, discussion groups. Prerequisite: SN 270, 280, or consent. Fall.

SN 315 Advanced Grammar and Composition (1)
A detailed analysis of grammar and intensive practice in composition. Prerequisite: SN 270, 280, or consent.

SN 333 Spanish Across the Curriculum (¼)
Directed readings in the language in conjunction with a course in another discipline. May be taken more than once for credit providing that the disciplinary course is different. Prerequisite: SN 220 or equivalent and consent.

SN 350 Latinos in the United States (1)
A study of the Latino presence in the United States from the country's inception through the present day. Readings and class discussions highlight the contributions, struggles, and general characteristics of the Latino community in the United States (an IC designated course). Prerequisite: SN 270, 280, or consent.

SN 360 Spanish Civilization (1)
A study of the culture of Spain from a variety of viewpoints: historical, literary, sociological, anthropological, and political (an IC designated course). Prerequisite: SN 270, 280, or consent.

SN 370 Special Topics in Culture (1)
An in-depth study of a faculty-selected topic on some aspect of Hispanic culture. Topics may concentrate on a geographic region of the Hispanic world or on a particular cultural phenomenon common to several areas, such as machismo or the role of the military (an IC designated course). Prerequisite: SN 270, 280, or consent.

SN 402 Panorama of Latin American Literature (1)
An introduction to Latin American literature written from colonial times to the present. Selected works, which include poetry, prose, and drama, reflect the Latin American society of the period (an IC designated course). Prerequisite: SN 280 or 400. Fall.

SN 499 Senior Project in Spanish (1)
An independent research project on a literary or cultural topic pertaining to the Spanish language. A substantial paper that demonstrates an advanced degree of proficiency in the written expression of the language and an oral presentation are required. Prerequisite: senior standing. Interim.