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Paul Cleveland

Paul Cleveland

Professor of Finance

Paul ClevelandOffice:

Harbert 220

Contact Information:

Birmingham-Southern College
Box 549023
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: (205) 226-4821
Office Fax: (205) 226-3080

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Brief Career Background:

Paul A. Cleveland is a Professor of Economics and Finance at Birmingham-Southern College. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Texas A&M University and began his career at SUNY-Geneseo in 1985. He spent one year as a Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Central Florida in Orlando before joining the faculty at BSC in 1990.

His principal academic research is focused on the study of free enterprise and political economy. In pursuing his studies, he reads extensively in the areas of economics, philosophy, theology, and history which are helpful in exploring the morality of free markets. Within this context, he is interested in examining the proper role of government in society and the problems created when it enacts policies beyond its appropriate boundaries. He is the author of two books: Understanding the Modern Culture Wars and Unmasking the Sacred Lies and the co-author of the third edition of Basic Economics with Clarence B. Carson and The Great Utopian Delusion: The Global Rise of Government and the Destruction of Libertywith Clarence B. Carson and L. Dwayne Barney. In addition, his articles have been published in numerous places including the Journal of Private Enterprise, the Independent Review, the Journal of Markets & Morality, Religion and Liberty, Areopagus Journal, Mises Daily Articles, and The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty. Beyond his writing, he has lectured on free enterprise in numerous places including universities in Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Peru, China, and Taiwan. Finally, he serves as an adjunct scholar for the Alabama Policy Institute, as a part time scholar for the Apologetics Resource Center, and as a Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background:

BA Auburn University 1977
MA Auburn University 1981
Ph.D. Texas A & M University 1985

Areas of Academic Interest:


Courses Taught:

BA 201 The Real “Bottom Line”: The Foundations of Business Thought
An examination of classic and contemporary literature in order to explore perceptions and opinions about business and the role individuals play in business organizations. The course reviews the evolution of thought on the organizational structure of business enterprises. In particular, it considers objectives of business beyond profitability: that is, more than the “bottom line.”

BA 372 Principles of Finance
An introductory course in the principles of financial analysis directed at developing the tools necessary for sound financial decision making. Major topics include an overview of the financial environment, valuation, financial forecasting, and capital budgeting.

BA 474 Advanced and International Financial Management
An advanced course in financial analysis from a managerial perspective. The course emphasizes advanced practices in financial management and their application to decision making in the business firm, including the study of the application of principles of financial management in an international setting. The course builds on the foundations of financial analysis developed in BA 372.