from 8:15 AM – 4:45 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note that there is not an
athletic department policy, nor a College policy, regarding “comp time” for your
travel and duties that exceed the College’s official work week schedule.
It is very important that the athletic staff members establish an office hours
schedule, as it will ease problems in case a student-athlete, faculty member, parent
or administrator attempts to contact you. Your office/department should be
covered by at least one staff member during the office hours outlined by the College.
It is realized that from time to time there is needed travel, and it is imperative that
your secretary, and the AD if at all possible, knows where you are and your schedule
and contact information while you are away. As such, a coach should review with
the AD any “time off” that is taken during the regular work week that is not
considered vacation time, sick leave, personal leave, professional leave, or any other
allowable types of leave as outlined in Section 6 of the College’s Staff Policies and
Procedures Manual.
Recruiting, College, & Rental Vehicles
Use of the athletic department’s “mini-bus” by all teams is strongly encouraged. The
mini-bus is available for travel to team practices as well as competitions. The mini-
bus must be reserved for use by contacting the Athletic Department’s
Administrative Assistant.
Each person who drives the mini-bus must meet the following criteria:
Must be on the College’s “approved drivers” list.
Must possess a current Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with
passenger endorsement.
Must adhere to all Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and
Must adhere to the College’s policies for use.
Must return the mini-bus with a full tank of gas. This will be checked after
each use.
The mini-bus will not be used for personal use or for personal camp use.
With regard to rental cars, each staff member who needs to rent a vehicle must also
be on the College’s “approved drivers” list. There is no need to take out additional
insurance through the rental car company. The College’s insurance does NOT cover
passenger vans; therefore, rental of these vehicles is prohibited.
Coaches may not use their College issued purchasing cards for gas payment in their
personal cars. Coaches must pay with their own credit card and be reimbursed
mileage through the purchasing department. College issued credit cards can only be
used for gas charges in rental cars or the College owned vehicles.
Athletically-Related Income
The NCAA has specific guidelines pertaining to the disclosure of any employment or
income coaches and Athletic Department staff members who receive earnings from
outside sources. As such, Birmingham-Southern College has developed policies and