procedures to track outside income. The compliance office will be responsible for
monitoring and ensuring that the department is in compliance with NCAA and
institutional rules. The following information outlines the requirements and
procedures that should be followed to ensure this compliance. On an annual basis,
each coach and athletic department staff member must complete a form indicating
the amount of athletically related income they receive from annuities, camps,
speaking engagements, complimentary ticket sales, television and radio programs,
and endorsement or consultation contracts with athletic shoe, apparel or equipment
Ticket Policies & Procedures
The athletic department staff is responsible for all areas of ticket sales to athletic
contests. This includes, but is not limited to, setting ticket prices, ticket requests,
ticket booths, deposits and receipts, etc.
Athletic Foundation
The Athletic Foundation was created in 1999 to provide a fund-raising arm for the
Birmingham-Southern College Athletic Department. Financial gifts are accepted
each year and placed in 20-fund accounts in the Development Office to support
operating and capital improvement costs of the Athletic Department. The Board of
Directors of the Athletic Foundation is appointed by the Athletic Director and serves
to assist fund-raising efforts for athletics at Birmingham-Southern.
Booster Clubs
Each sport is allowed to create and manage its own sports booster club and solicit
gifts in support of financial needs of the particular sport. Funds are placed in the
individual sport’s 20-fund in the Development Office, and any funds spent from
these accounts, must be approved in advance by the Athletic Director.
Income in Addition to Institutional Salary
It is not permissible for an outside source to pay or regularly supplement an athletic
department staff member’s salary or to arrange a supplemental salary for an
unspecified achievement. This includes the donation of cash from outside sources
to the institution earmarked for the staff member’s salary or supplemental income.
An outside source can donate funds to the College to be used, at BSC’s discretion, to
pay or supplement a staff member’s salary.
Scheduling & Contracts
Scheduling as many in-state opponents as possible is a philosophy that all head
coaches should attempt to accomplish each year. This will help alleviate missed
classes as well as overnight travel expenses.
All trips outside of the Southeastern United States should be limited to one per