the student-athletes will also have the benefit of developing as a role model for
someone younger. We want the student-athletes to leave BSC with great thoughts
and memories about the athletic program, so that regardless of wins or losses, it was
a great experience taking part in the competition.
Both the NCAA and the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference sportsmanship
policies will be enforced at Birmingham-Southern College during all athletic
competition. Profanity, as well as racially or sexually offensive language, used by
coaches, players, and support groups is not allowed and could be grounds for
disciplinary action by the Athletic Director.
Professional Development
It is expected that each member of the Athletic Department will take part in some
sort of professional development during the academic year. Whether attending a
sport-specific clinic, a national convention, or some other avenue, all members are
encouraged to stay abreast of the most current activity in their area of
Code of Ethics
As representatives of both the College and the Athletic Department, it is understood
that every member of the athletic staff will always conduct themselves in a very
professional and ethical manner at all times. It is also understood that the staff
members will abide by the rules and policies set forth by the College, the Southern
Collegiate Athletic Conference, and the NCAA. Each staff member will keep at the
heart of all decisions the welfare of and the benefit to the student-athlete, the
College, the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference, the NCAA, and the sport.
Additionally, each coach is encouraged to maintain a code of ethics when recruiting.
This includes refraining from speaking poorly of other institutions, programs,
coaches, student-athletes, etc.
Visiting Teams
In advance of visiting teams coming to the BSC campus, all head coaches are asked
to mail, as a courtesy, the Athletic Department’s “Visitor’s Guide” to the coaches of
the visiting schools. All visiting teams should be met upon arrival by an
administrative person from the athletic department or a coaching staff member
from the BSC team that is playing the visiting team. This is a courtesy that we want
to extend to them in order to answer any questions regarding dressing areas,
training room services, special activities during the game/match, etc. Hopefully, this
policy will reap great rewards when our BSC teams travel away as guests of the
teams that are hosted on our campus.
Office Hours
Each staff member should establish and maintain specific office hours. The College’s
prescribed work week consists of 37.5 hours and its normal operating hours are