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Birmingham-Southern College Catalog 2017-2018


At Birmingham-Southern College we take pride in our tradition of providing a high-

quality liberal arts education; we are proud of our continued ability to take a flexible

approach to maintaining proven educational goals and standards; and we value mutual

respect among all segments of our college population. The information in this Catalog

will help future students to understand our degree requirements, curriculum, and co-

curricular activities, and will assist current students in taking full advantage of all that

Birmingham-Southern College has to offer.


Members of the Birmingham-Southern College community operate under an Honor

Code, pledging they will not lie, cheat, or steal. One of the Student Government

Association’s most significant responsibilities is the selection of the Honor Council,

which handles any cases involving students who are accused of violating the Honor

Code. If it determines that a student has violated the Honor Code, the Council imposes

appropriate penalties. This process helps to maintain the academic integrity of the entire

college community. Through this system of self-governance, students play an integral

role in providing a campus atmosphere of profound trust in which each individual may

develop intellectually and socially with maturity and a sense of self-esteem. Since high

standards of conduct are essential for the well-being of the total community, and since

violations could result in penalties ranging from reprimand to dismissal from the College,

the Honor Code is fully explained during orientation. Students also have available to

them at all times the online

Student Handbook

, which details the provisions of the Honor

Code as well as social regulations and policies.


Birmingham-Southern College is the result of a merger of Southern University, founded

in Greensboro, Alabama, in 1856, with Birmingham College, opened in 1898 in

Birmingham, Alabama. These two institutions were consolidated on May 30, 1918, under

the name of Birmingham-Southern College.

In 1824, the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church recommended that

each conference establish a seminary of learning under its regulation and patronage. Not

until 1854 did the Alabama Conference undertake to carry out this recommendation of

the superior body. In that year, a committee was appointed to select a site for the

proposed college and to procure funds for its establishment and maintenance. The charter

was granted by the State of Alabama on January 25, 1856, and the first meeting of the

Board of Trustees was held on March 17, 1856; January 25 is therefore known as Charter

Day for the College, and March 17 has been designated as Founder’s Day.

After the State was divided into two Methodist conferences, the North Alabama

Conference, in 1883, joined with the Alabama Conference in the support of Southern