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Birmingham-Southern College Catalog 2017-2018


appreciation of the arts; in understanding and appreciating diversity in spiritual, social,

political, and economic institutions and heritage; and in achieving competence in at least

one field of knowledge that will help prepare each student for his or her chosen

profession or vocation. These skills and dispositions serve students well whether they

choose to major in a traditional liberal arts field or one of our pre-professional programs.

Our commitment to the assessment of student learning ensures that these goals are met.

Our faculty is composed of a talented and well-qualified group of men and women who

recognize effective teaching as their primary obligation to the College. In class they

present well-informed, up-to-date material pertinent to their disciplines and strive to

actively engage students with that material. Out of class they make themselves available

for student inquiries, individual instruction, and directed research. We believe personal

attention to individual academic concerns and needs is an essential factor in the

effectiveness of our teaching and it allows us to continue to enhance the healthy

intellectual environment at the College.

While all faculty are concerned with students’ scholastic progress, each student is

assigned one faculty member to serve as an academic advisor. Academic advisors help

students to define individual interests and academic goals, assist with planning course

schedules, evaluate progress toward the degree, and direct students toward other

opportunities that complement their academic studies.

Because of its size, Birmingham-Southern College enjoys a small student-faculty ratio.

That, combined with a genuine concern on the part of the faculty for the intellectual and

personal welfare of our students, creates an atmosphere in which many advisor-advisee

relationships become ones of friendly understanding and mutual respect.

The College operates on a four-one-four academic calendar, consisting of a fall term, the

January Exploration term, and a spring term. Students typically enroll in four courses in

the fall, one in the Exploration term, and four in the spring. A more limited number of

courses is also offered over the summer. The Exploration term offers students the

opportunity for intense investigation of a particular subject for a period of approximately

four weeks. This may be a project proposed by a faculty member or one designed by a

student and a faculty sponsor; it may be held on campus or anywhere off campus,

domestic or foreign; it may be an overall introduction to a subject area or a specialized

interest investigated in depth. Whatever the project chosen, Exploration term is a time

intended to provide students with unique opportunities for creative, experiential, and

independent study.

Birmingham-Southern College is committed to making an education that changes lives an

affordable reality for all students. The robust Explorations curriculum, caring faculty at

the top of their fields, in-depth knowledge of a major subject area, a highly customizable

Exploration term, and abundant active learning opportunities culminate in an educational

experience that prepares students to meet the world head-on and lead lives of