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Interdisciplinary courses are either cross‑, multi‑, or interdisciplinary
in nature. Interdisciplinary courses related to an interdisciplinary major
or minor are listed with the program. Interdisciplinary courses are offered
under the following designations:
Arts/Humanities (AH)
Fine Arts (FN)
Humanities (HM)
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)
Natural Sciences, Math, Computer Science (NSM)
Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
Interdisciplinary Courses
HM 120 How Language Works (1)
An investigation into human language. This course introduces students
to linguistics, the scientific study of language. Topics include language
and society, language acquisition, pragmatics, syntax, semantics,
phonology, and related issues.
IDS 200 Introduction to Human Rights (1)
A critical examination of human rights concepts and their practical
applications from the perspective of a variety of disciplines in the
humanities and social sciences (a Leadership Studies designated
course). Prerequisite: at least sophomore standing.
IDS 280 Human Sexuality (1)
Biological, sociological, psychological, and ethical aspects of human
sexuality. Course content will include a biological overview; an
examination of behavioral variations; research in sexuality, social
issues, sexual decision making, sexuality of special populations; and
exploration of contemporary sexual issues. This course is not open to
students who have taken PY 208.
SBS 105 World Regional Geography: Discovering the World Around You
A study of the major regions of the world—Europe, Middle East, Asia,
the Pacific, Africa, and America—with emphasis on the connections
between location, population, distributions, problems, potentialities,
existing relations and organizations among the countries of the world.
SBS 106 Nonprofit Organizations (1)
An examination of the role of nonprofit organizations in the United
States and their growing importance internationally (a Leadership
Studies designated course). Prerequisites: at least one year of college
coursework and consent.