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UES 210 Environmental Problems and Policy (1)
An introduction to U.S. and international policies that address our
many significant environmental problems. There are more than 30
major U.S. environmental laws, and over 300 international agreements
addressing environmental issues ranging from transboundary air
pollution to trade in endangered species to nuclear non-proliferation.
Selected U.S. and international policies and processes are highlighted,
and challenges and successes of U.S. and international environmental
policy are explored. (a Leadership Studies designated course) (Also
listed as PS 210.) Fall, Spring.
UES 293, 393, 493 Independent Study in Urban Environmental Studies
or 1)
Directed study for advanced students in the major. Specific guidelines
concerning independent study projects appear in the Individualized
Study section of this catalog.
UES 298, 398, 498 Teaching Experience in Urban Environmental Studies
or 1)
A teaching experience course. Specific guidelines concerning teaching
experiences appear in the Individualized Study section of this catalog.
UES 470 Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies (1)
An interdisciplinary capstone experience for the integration and
synthesis of disciplines and subject areas related to the major, with
an emphasis on problem-solving. The course involves readings, guest
speakers, instructor and student-led discussions, and a significant
project (with written and oral components) that focuses on advancing
urban sustainability. Prerequisite: senior standing or consent.