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Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (5 units):
UES 150 Introduction to Environmental Studies
UES 160 Environmental Earth Science
three elective units from the following:
BI 225 Evolutionary Ecology
BI 314 Conservation Biology or BI 411 General Ecology
EC 340 Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment
PL 307 Environmental Ethics
PY 220 Environment and Behavior
RE 320 Religion and the Natural World
SO 376 Environmental Sociology
UES 206 Special Topics in Urban Environmental Studies
UES/PS 210 Environmental Problems and Policy
BI 225, BI 411, EC 340, PL 307 have prerequisites not included in minor
requirements. No more than one unit of UES 206 may count towards
the minor.
Courses used to satisfy urban environmental studies minor
requirements may count towards major requirements in biology,
economics, philosophy, political science, and psychology.
Courses in Urban Environmental Studies
UES 150 Introduction to Environmental Studies (1)
An interdisciplinary introduction to the complexities of environmental
problems. The course provides an overview of scientific knowledge
on ecology and environmental management and examines political,
economic, and ethical issues involved in the attainment of a sustainable
future. The course explores how an understanding of the natural
and social sciences is necessary to address and solve environmental
problems. Selected topics, including population growth, food shortages,
pollution containment, and energy resources, are addressed. Two
lectures and one three‑hour laboratory per week. Fall.
UES 160 Environmental Earth Science (1)
An introduction to the earth sciences, including climatology,
oceanography, physical geography, geology, hydrology, and others.
Topics include how the Earth’s internal, surface, and atmospheric forces
shape the physical environment and selected examples of how humans
interact with the physical environment. Special emphasis is placed on
urban areas. Two lectures and one laboratory period per week. Spring.
UES 206 Special Topics in Urban Environmental Studies (1)
An in-depth and interdisciplinary exploration of one or more
environmental issues. Topics, disciplinary perspectives, and instructors
may vary.