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Urban Environmental Studies (UES)
Bachelor of Arts
William G. Holt, III and R. Scot Duncan, Program Coordinators
The mission of the urban environmental studies (UES) program is to
help our students build a foundation for understanding and solving the
complex environmental challenges presented by urbanization and the
human impact on the environment in the twenty-first century. The focus
of the program is on a paradox. With over half of the world’s population
living in cities, urban environmental problems threaten urban dwellers and
the natural ecosystems on which we all depend. And yet, urban centers can
attain environmental, social, and economic sustainability if appropriately
designed and managed. This complex field of study necessitates the
interdisciplinary approach our UES program offers. The UES major blends
courses from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to inspire
our students to think comprehensively and creatively about urbanism and
the environment with the goal of empowering them to provide solutions to
urban environmental problems.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (10-12 units):
UES 150 Introduction to Urban Environmental Studies
UES 160 Environmental Earth Sciences
UES/PS 210 Environmental Problems and Policy
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics
BI 225 Evolutionary Ecology
PL 307 Environmental Ethics or RE 320 Religion and the Natural
World or EH 325 Natural, Wild, and Free: American Environmental
three elective units from BI 314 Conservation Biology, BI 411 General
Ecology, EC 340 Economics of Natural Resources and the
Environment, PH 103 Energy and the Environment, UES 206
Special Topics in Urban Environmental Studies
UES 470 Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies
BI 314, BI 411, EC 340, EH 325, PL 307, and UES/PS 210 have
prerequisites not included in major requirements.
With approval of the UES faculty committee, students may repeat
UES 206 when the focus or methodology differs. Transfer, study abroad,
or environmentally themed courses not currently listed among UES
requirements may also be approved for fulfillment of major requirements.
Students should seek prior approval when possible.