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Sociology-Psychology (SO) (PY)
Bachelor of Arts
Robert J. Slagter and G. Shane Pitts, Program Coordinators
The sociology-psychology major encourages students to see the
methodological and theoretical relationships between sociology and
psychology, and it allows them to take a social‑psychological approach to
the analysis of human behavior and social interaction. Students who select
this major may continue their study in a variety of graduate programs in
psychology, sociology, or social work. They may also pursue additional
training in law, medicine, or the health professions.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (13 units):
PY 101
SO 101
PY 204 or SO 204
PY 215 or SO 215
PY 303 or SO 303
PY 304 or SO 304
PY 407 or PY 408
additional units in PY for a total of six
additional units in SO for a total of six
PY 417 or SO 499