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b. Duties


Area Chairs serve as members of the Provost’s Cabinet.


Area Chairs are primarily responsible for the academic planning and the development of

faculty members within their areas. They work closely with the Provost and the

Department Chairs as they fulfill their duties.


Area Chairs supervise and coordinate assessment efforts within their academic areas.


Area Chairs work closely with Department Chairs to complete course planning sheets and

academic schedules. They coordinate with each other and the Provost’s Cabinet on this



Area Chairs serve a key role in the faculty evaluation process. They write all pre-tenure

reviews, summary evaluation letters for continuing tenured faculty members, and meet

with faculty members and Department Chairs as called for by the

Faculty Handbook



Area Chairs work with the Department Chairs to update and to revise departmental

guidelines for scholarship and creative work for the purposes of promotion and faculty



Area Chairs interview all adjunct candidates for positions within their areas and make

recommendations to the Associate Provost on those potential hires.


Area Chairs work with the Department Chairs in their areas to develop and review



Sitting with designated members of the Faculty Advisory Committee, the Area Chairs vet

and prioritize budget requests for academic affairs.

10. Area Chairs call meetings of their academic areas as necessary in fulfilling the duties

described above.

11. Area Chairs are evaluated annually by the Provost.


Department Chairs

a. Appointments and Terms

Department Chairs shall be appointed for a term of one to three years by the Provost in

consultation with the Department. Chairs may serve multiple terms.