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The Provost works with Area Chairs, Department Chairs, and the Promotion and Tenure

Committee to recruit and recommend the appointment of new members of the Faculty to the

President. Working with appropriate committees of the Faculty, the Provost also recommends to

the President promotions in rank, the granting of tenure, and the granting of sabbatical leaves.

The Provost joins with the Faculty Advisory Committee in making appointments to Faculty on

Committees of the College. The Provost joins with the President in designating increases in

salary and overseeing the total development of the Faculty. The Provost assigns faculty

members’ offices in conjunction with the Area Chairs and Department Chairs and maintains

personnel files on each faculty member.

Provost’s Cabinet

The Provost meets regularly with the Provost’s Cabinet to direct the academic program of the

College and to coordinate academic policies and procedures. The Provost’s Cabinet includes the

Associate Provost, the Assistant Provost, the Director of the Library, the Registrar, the Degree

Audit Specialist, the rise3 Director, and the four Area Chairs. Additional members may be

appointed by the Provost.

Academic Policy Council

The Provost may also convene the members of the Academic Policy Council (made up of the

Associate Provost, the four Area Chairs, and the six elected members of the Faculty Advisory

Committee) to discuss broad issues of collegiate concern.

Associate Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Associate Provost collaborates with the Provost in the management of the academic program

of the College. The Associate Provost authorizes the budget for faculty travel and serves as co-

chair of the Budget Advisory Committee.

Assistant Provost

This individual aids the Provost with the administration of the College's academic program, with

a special focus on areas of student academic support.


This individual is responsible for the work of the Records Office and the integrity of all

academic records and transcripts. He or she is responsible for registration and graduation.

Director of the Library

On behalf of the Provost, the Director of the Library oversees the budgets and personnel of the

College library. He or she administers the library's acquisitions procedures, maintains the

College's stock of audio-visual equipment, and operates the College's library information system.

Chair of Engaged Learning Programs

The Chair of Engaged Learning Programs represents the Bunting Center, Hess Center, Sklenar

Center, and the Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning in matters of institutional

policy and strategic planning. This person is responsible for developing and reviewing budgets

for Engaged Learning programs and also coordinates assessment, conducts performance