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Birmingham-Southern College Catalog 2016-2017


responsibility in the advising process. Ultimately, however, each student is responsible

for understanding and completing the requirements for graduation.

Students are encouraged to remain with the advisor initially assigned to them for at least

one year. A student may be reassigned to another advisor at any time, however, at his or

her request, at the advisor’s request, or at the discretion of the Provost. For student-

initiated requests, change-of-advisor forms are available at the Office of Academic


Pre-Professional Programs

The curriculum of the College is designed to permit a student to pursue a program of

studies leading to a variety of careers. In addition to more traditional liberal arts curricula,

academic programs offered by the College prepare students for advanced work in

professional schools, such as seminary, law, dentistry, or medicine. Other programs

prepare the student for immediate entry into a profession, such as business or classroom

teaching. In consultation with specific faculty advisors, students at the College may

develop a career-focused academic program in the areas of accounting, business, church-

related vocations, education, health professions, and law.

Academic Resource Center

In addition to academic support from faculty, the College provides support through the

Academic Resource Center (ARC). ARC includes the Writing Center, Math Lab, and

peer tutoring in most academic subject areas. These services share a common goal of

advancing student academic success through collaborative learning and peer teaching.

ARC services are offered free of charge to currently enrolled students.

Library and Information Services

The Charles Andrew Rush Learning Center/N.E. Miles Library is a center for scholarship

on campus. In support of the educational mission and values of Birmingham-Southern

College, the Library is committed to serving the intellectual and creative needs of the

college community. The Library strives to provide access to high quality information

resources, to educate its patrons, and to provide a space that is conducive to study,

research, and learning.

Professional librarians provide a variety of reference and information services. They

assist students in learning to locate, evaluate, and use information and support them in

their research. Library orientation and instruction classes are taught by librarians to assist

students in developing sound research techniques and information literacy skills. The

Library staff oversees the maintenance and circulation of the collection and ensures the

smooth operation of the facility.

The facility houses a collection of more than 275,000 titles selected to support instruction

and research at the College. In addition to books and periodicals, the collections include