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Coursework at Other Institutions
A student admitted as a transfer may receive credit for courses
completed at another accredited institution that are related in content
and rigor to courses offered at Birmingham-Southern College. In the case
of international transfer students with courses taken outside the United
States, the transfer institution must be recognized as degree-granting by
the home country. Students must ensure that an official transcript from
the transfer institution is forwarded to the Office of Academic Records at
Birmingham-Southern College. Developmental, orientation, vocational,
and correspondence courses are not transferable. A Birmingham-Southern
College course equivalent designation (or “000” for non‑equivalent
courses) is listed on the transcript. Semester hours are divided by four and
quarter hours by six to equal unit values.
Regularly enrolled Birmingham-Southern College students may not
take courses at other institutions, either in residence or through extension,
without the written consent of the Provost. Consent forms are available
in the Academic Records Office. Students who have completed more than
units may not take courses at a junior or community college, but may,
at the discretion of disciplinary faculty and with written consent of the
Provost, enroll in courses at other four-year institutions.
Alternative Types of Credit
A student may earn up to 16 units in the alternative methods
listed below. A maximum of four units may count toward graduation
requirements. Additional units may count toward major or minor
requirements (at the discretion of the disciplinary faculty) or count as free
Prior Learning Credit
Students may earn prior learning credit in subject areas that accord with
the liberal arts goals and programs of the College. A student who wishes to
receive such credit should contact the Office of the Provost for application
Credit by Examination
Students may earn credit by examination in the three areas below.
At the discretion of the disciplinary faculty, a student may earn
credit by examination in the subject areas that correspond to courses listed
in this catalog. A student who wishes to earn credit in this way should
contact a member of the faculty in that discipline.