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capricious, irrational or made in bad faith is a
charge and should not
be made unadvisedly.
If a student wishes to appeal a final grade, he or she must contact the
professor no later than 30 days after the beginning of the next regular
term. If this consultation fails to resolve the issue, the student may contact
the appropriate Department Chair, who will then contact the professor
concerned. If the complaint remains unsettled, the student may file a
written appeal with the Provost on a form provided by the Office of
Academic Affairs. After reviewing the appeal, the Provost, at his or her
discretion, may deny the appeal or may request that the Faculty Advisory
Committee select a three-person committee from the full-time faculty
of the College. Two members of this committee must come from the
department involved, and the third will come from outside the department.
The committee will determine its own procedures and review the case with
the following stipulation: the burden of proof for demonstrating a breach
of standards rests with the student.
When the review is complete, the committee will notify the Provost
of its decision. The Provost will have the final decision in determining
whether a change of grade is necessary. The Provost will inform the
student in writing of the decision and send copies of this same letter to the
committee, the faculty member, and the appropriate Department Chair.