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Steven F. Cole
, 1988
Professor of Art
B.S. (1977), M.A. (1980), Ball State University; M.F.A. (1983), Florida State
University. Interests: painting.
Amy C. Cottrill
, 2007
Assistant Professor of Religion
A.B. (1993), Earlham College; M.Div. (1997), Methodist Theological
School in Ohio; Ph.D. (2006), Emory University. Interests: Hebrew
Bible, Christian Scriptures, gender studies, violence and religion, the
Bible in contemporary media.
William Tynes Cowan
, 2002
Associate Professor of English
B.A. (1985), Birmingham-Southern College; M.A.Ed. (1990), University of
Alabama at Birmingham; M.A. (1992), Northeastern University; Ph.D.
The College of William and Mary. Interests: Southern literature,
African-American studies, folklore, popular culture, protest literature.
Daniel Coyle
, 2011
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
B.S. (1987), Birmingham-Southern College; M.A. (1992), Ph.D. (1999),
University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Guy C. Dalto
, 1982
Professor of Sociology
B.A. (1971), Rutgers University; M.A. (1973), Ph.D. (1975), University of
Chicago. Interests: social change, industrial sociology and stratification.
Natalie M. Davis
, 1972
Howell T. Heflin Professor of Political Science
B.A. (1968), Stetson University; Ph.D. (1976), University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill; L.H.D. (1991), Stetson University. Interests: comparative
politics: Western Europe Communist systems, elite behavior, survey
research and design, American political parties, Southern politics,
public administration.
Barbara Domcekova
, 1999
Associate Professor of Spanish
B.A. (1992), Comenius University, Slovakia; M.A. (1995), Ph.D. (1999),
University of Florida. Interests: Cuban post-revolutionary culture, Latin
American literature, foreign language across the curriculum.
Scott C. Dorman
, 2001
Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.S. (1985), Florida State University; Ph.D. (1991), North Carolina State