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Kent S. Andersen
, 2000
Instructor of English
B.A. (1995), Iowa State University; M.A. (1998), American University.
Interests: composition and rhetoric, cultural studies, science fiction,
critical theory, leadership studies.
Jane Archer
, 1982
Professor of English
B.A. (1975), University of Wisconsin; Ph.D. (1984), State University of
New York at Buffalo. Interests: twentieth-century literature, comparative
literature, critical theory, feminist theory, gender studies.
Frederick Ashe
, 1992
Professor of English
B.A. (1983), Michigan State University; M.A. (1986), Ph.D. (1991),
Vanderbilt University. Interests: American literature, African-American
culture, protest writing.
Jeffrey Barton
, 1999
Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.S. (1992), Louisiana State University; Ph.D. (1999), University of Texas at
Austin. Interests: analytic number theory, approximation theory.
J. Lawrence Brasher
, 1999
Denson Franklin Professor of Religion
A.B. (1969), Duke University; M.Div. (1973), Yale University; Ph.D. (1986),
Duke University. Interests: Southern studies, popular and folk religion,
spirituality and the environment, interdisciplinary studies.
Paul A. Cleveland
, 1990
Professor of Finance
B.S. (1977), M.S. (1981), Auburn University; Ph.D. (1985), Texas A&M
University. Interests: corporate finance, managerial economics,
industrial organization, mathematical economics, econometrics.
Clare Emily Clifford
, 2007
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
B.A. (1997), Virginia Tech; M.A. (1999), Northeastern University; Ph.D.
University of Alabama. Interests: American literature, twentieth-
century poetry, literature of crisis, Medical Humanities, Buddhism.
Jamie M. Cloud
, 2012
Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A. (2005), Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. (2012),
University of Texas at Austin.