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Susan K. Hagen, Director of Harrison Honors Program
The Donald C. Harrison Honors Program in general education is
designed to foster students’ intellectual curiosity, their oral and written
communication skills, and their ability to think and study independently.
The importance of viewing issues from interdisciplinary perspectives and
of integrating, as well as analyzing, knowledge is a special focus in the
program’s courses and requirements. The program addresses its mission
through small, interdisciplinary seminars developed specifically for
Harrison Scholars and through upper-level courses with an interdisciplinary
focus. The Harrison Honors Program serves as a complementary approach
to fulfilling the College’s Explorations general education curriculum
Approximately 35 students are admitted to the program each year.
Prospective students may apply by 1 December for early admission to the
program or they may apply after being admitted to the College. Interested
students should contact the Director of the Honors Program.
Honors Scholars who are in good standing in the program and who
have attended the minimum number of lecture and arts events for their
class standing enjoy priority registration. Each Harrison Honors Program
Scholar is also eligible for a one-time $3,000 research stipend to be used in
the junior year or after having completed four and one-half HON units.
Harrison Honors Program Requirements
The Honors Program component of a Harrison Scholar’s general
education consists of five units of Honors seminars and one unit of
independent study, the Harrison Honors project. The specific general
education requirements met by Honors courses and those met by
regular courses will vary from student to student, depending on which
Honors courses the student elects to take. Students may take one Honors
exploration term project which will count toward the five units of Honors
seminars. Students who participate in study abroad programs that include
interdisciplinary courses may also request to count one such course toward
their Honors requirements. Harrison Scholars’ remaining general education
coursework is completed in the regular curriculum of the College. Students
may also enroll in Honors courses offered by the honors programs in the
Birmingham Area Consortium of Higher Education (BACHE). The Harrison
Honors project is considered a general education course outside the major
and its supporting courses, and outside the minor, if one has been declared,
unless the faculty allow a particular project to meet a more specific general
education requirement.