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Courses in Educational Psychology
EPY 223 The Developing Child in the Twenty-first Century (1)
Theories of child development to help students understand the
mental, social, and emotional patterns of development from preschool
through adolescence. Students will engage in discussions about how
phenomena unique to the culture of the United States in the twenty-
first century affect development and learning. Laboratory required. Fall,
EPY 260 Survey of Exceptional Children (1)
The role and scope of educational programs for exceptional children
including etiology, identification, and incidence. An overview of how
individualized programs are developed and planned is also included.
Laboratory required. Fall, Spring.
EPY 320 Educational Psychology (1)
Theories and practices in human learning to help students develop an
understanding of the nature of learning as applied in nursery schools,
kindergartens, elementary grades, and high school grades. Emphasis is
placed on the development and implementation of assessment systems
and the professional use of standard tests and measures. Laboratory
required. Prerequisite: admission to Teacher Education Program. Fall,