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Gardens at the Ecoscape

Living things are interdependent.

Could the bugs, birds and salamanders live here without the plants? Plants give creatures a place to live and food to eat. By providing lots of different kinds of plants here, a wide variety of things can live here. Having variety is called diversity. Did you hear birds singing or see insects flying?

Plants need air, nutrients from the soil, water, and sunshine to grow.

Look at the differences and similarities in plants. Do they look the same? Are the leaves all the same size and shape and color? Are the flowers all the same? Do all the plants have flowers? This is another example of diversity. What if the water or soil was dirty – could things live here?

Be creative! Look at things differently.

All of the artwork is made out of materials that were going to be thrown away! Even the garden beds are marked with tree limbs and rocks that were already here. The plants that grow here grow are from Alabama so they do not need extra care an expense to thrive. Think of ways that you can use or reuse things you already have. Did you see things used in a different way than usual?