Vacation Days, Holidays, & Sick Leave
All College employees accumulate vacation time at the rate of one work day’s hours
per month (salaried employee’s rate is 7.5 hours). This rate extends through the
end of three year’s employment. An employee must work six months to become
eligible for the vacation leave. From three to fifteen years, the rate increases to 1.5
days per month. From fifteen years and beyond, all employees accumulate two days
per month.
The College recognizes eight holidays (eleven total days) per year for all eligible
employees. These are: New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Good Friday;
Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day and the day after;
and Christmas Day, along with the day prior to and the day after.
Sick leave may be taken for employee illness or illness in the employee’s immediate
family, doctor and dental appointments, and other conditions outlined in the BSC
Staff Manual. Full time employees are credited with one day of sick leave for each
month of service.
Resignation & Termination
Exempt employees (salaried) must provide one month’s notice when resigning from
the College unless otherwise waived by the employee’s supervisor. Non-Exempt
employees (hourly) must provide two working weeks notice unless otherwise
waived by the employee’s supervisor.
Similarly, the College will provide one month’s notice of termination to Exempt
employees and two working weeks notice to Non-Exempt employees. The staff in
the Office of Human Resources can provide assistance if needed.
Yearly Budget Process
The College provides each sport with an operating budget that covers the costs
associated with recruiting, team travel, team equipment, office supplies, officials,
and all other aspects associated with a particular sport, including staff positions.
The College’s fiscal year runs from June 1
through May 31
each year. The head
coach of each sport is held accountable for the supervision and disbursement of the
yearly budget. The coaching staff may add to their budget by raising funds, and are
encouraged to do so, especially if a special trip or team activity is planned for the
upcoming year. Mismanagement or inappropriate use of the budgeted funds will
constitute a cause for a reprimand of some degree, possibly leading to termination.
In January, a meeting is held to review the schedule for the upcoming budget
request process. The head coach of each sport must complete this process by the
end of January in order for the AD to pass along the requests to BSC’s Budget
Committee. During January, each coach will meet with the AD so that all aspects of