Sports Information Office
This office is primarily responsible for coordinating and producing the many media,
both electronic and print, pieces that are disseminated throughout the local and
national markets during the year. The staff members not only take care of
game/match statistical responsibilities, but also coordinate the publishing of the
various media brochures, provide game/match programs for all home contests,
report all statistics to the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference and the NCAA,
update the athletic pages of the BSC web site, and will assist anyone with the proper
usage of the BSC athletic logo.
Athletic Training Department
Three full-time certified athletic trainers staff the main athletic training room, which
is located on the third floor of the Student Services building adjacent to Bill Battle
Coliseum and two satellite training rooms, one in Panther Stadium and the other in
Bill Battle Coliseum. These staff members are a vital part of the athletic program in
that they are responsible for the prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of
injuries sustained by our student-athletes. The Athletic Training department also
coordinates pre-participation physical exams, drug testing, and the referral of
student-athletes who require physician consultation and/or medical procedures.
The Athletic Training department works closely with a network of physicians
dedicated to the unique medical needs of athletes. All physician appointments
should be coordinated through this department.
The BSC Athletic Insurance is also handled through the Athletic Training
Department. Birmingham-Southern College is a secondary insurance provider for
student-athletes that sustain an injury directly related to participation in BSC
athletics. In the event of an injury, the student-athlete’s primary insurance policy
will be contacted first for payment. Any excess medical bills not covered by the
primary insurance policy will be covered by the college’s secondary insurance
policy. A student’s co-pay for their primary insurance will not be covered by the
Student-Athlete Handbook
The BSC athletic department annually publishes a student-athlete handbook. It is
published on-line at
Each coach and player is made aware of its
location and are responsible for its contents.
Athletic Facilities
BSC is proud to offer the student-athletes, coaches, supporters, and fans several of
the best facilities available for practice and competition. They include the Panther
Stadium (Football, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s and Women’s Track and
Field) Bill Battle Coliseum (Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Volleyball), the
Striplin Baseball field, the Men’s and Women’s Soccer field, the Striplin Fitness and
Recreation Center (Volleyball), and the BSC Varsity Tennis Courts and Softball field.