National Affiliation
The College is in the third year of their reclassification from NCAA Division I to
NCAA Division III athletics as a member of the Southern Athletic Association (SAA).
BSC’s athletic program has enjoyed great success as a member of the NCAA and
NAIA, with many teams finishing high in the rankings each year. The College was
previously affiliated with the NAIA with its affiliation coming to an end in fine
fashion by winning the 2001 NAIA Baseball World Series Championship. The move
to the NCAA Division III ranks increased the college’s sports total to 21 competing
teams. Beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year, the college is slated to begin
competing for SCAC and NCAA championship titles.
Compliance Office
This area, currently headed by the Assistant AD, is where all questions or
information regarding NCAA rules and regulations should be addressed. The
Compliance Office is also the place to go to report an NCAA rules infraction, should
there be any. The Compliance Office oversees the College’s athletic programs and
ensures that each sport is following the NCAA guidelines and policies set forth. The
Compliance Officer meets regularly and has open dialogue with the Athletic
Director, the members of the coaching staff, the Director of Financial Aid, the Faculty
Athletic Representative (FAR), and anyone else who needs to be involved in these
matters. This office provides various student-athlete services, initial and continuing
eligibility, eligibility of international students, policies and procedures for NCAA
rules compliance, and exit interviews with seniors.
Interpretations of NCAA rules and regulations are not the sole job of the Compliance
Officer. Each coach and Athletic Department staff member is responsible for
adhering to, and enforcing, the NCAA rules and regulations.
Perhaps the best
policy for rules compliance is to ask before you act!
In order to assist yourself
and BSC in avoiding potential NCAA penalties, adopt the mentality that “anything I
do may have NCAA implications.”
It is important to remember that if a violation is committed (and it happens, as there
are too many rules for it not to happen) it must be reported as soon as possible to
the Assistant AD, and he/she will in turn report the violation to the SCAC and NCAA
as well as the appropriate officials on campus. Please report all violations in a
timely manner. The compliance office and the Athletic Director will both have
responsibilities in reviewing required documentation by coaches regarding major
compliance issues. These issues include but are not limited to recruiting,
amateurism, and playing and practice seasons. Breaking the rules is not necessarily
a bad thing, but not reporting violations can be extremely costly. For a copy of the
Procedures for Rules Violations and Investigations
please refer to
Appendix A