The student-athlete / manager is subject to additional periodic drug
tests at the discretion of the athletic department.
The student-athlete / manager understands that his/her coach has
the option of imposing stricter penalties as part of the coach’s “team
If the student-athlete/manager tests positive during a second drug test, the case will
be handed over to the Office of Student Affairs for disciplinary procedures.
Additionally, if the student-athlete has not been suspended by the College, then
he/she will continue to be subject to sanctions set forth by his/her coach. This is
only if the student-athlete/manager has not been suspended or expelled from the
Any subsequent positive drug tests would again be handed over to the Office of
Student Affairs for disciplinary procedures.
Each Head Coach is responsible for submitting his/her team drug policy to the
Assistant Athletic Director prior to the beginning of each academic year.
On-Campus Extracurricular Activities
The BSC athletic department is of the opinion that all BSC student-athletes should be
encouraged to take part in as many on-campus extra-curricular activities as time
and schedules allow. The athletic department is in full support of any student-
athlete joining a fraternity or sorority with the understanding that academic and
athletic responsibilities always take precedence over the Greek functions and
events. The College offers many opportunities to increase the student-athlete’s
awareness of the world around them by allowing them to take part in service
projects, intramural sports, clubs, and other organizations. It is also encouraged,
and permissible, for a team to go out into the community and provide some sort of
program or service at a local school or church or be involved in other community
service programming.
Any questions or comments regarding the contents within the BSC Athletics Policies
and Procedures Manual should be directed to the Athletic Director for clarification.