games/matches that are played during this time. Also, NCAA rules state that no
student-athlete may miss class to practice.
While compliance with NCAA regulations will assist in this area to a degree, it is
important for the student-athletes and the professors to understand that there will
be times that classes are missed due to athletic contest(s). It is important to note
that student-athletes cannot miss classes during the non-traditional segment of
competition, according to NCAA regulations. During the traditional segment, the
members of the coaching staff will do everything in their power to keep missed class
time to a minimum. The coaching staff will also provide student-athletes with a
schedule of travel dates and times to provide to their professors so that the
professors will have advance notice of when the student-athlete will be out of class
and also so that assignments can be turned in early if needed. It is vitally important
to remember to keep the professors and instructors informed of when the student-
athletes will be out of class for athletic reasons. This communication should come
from the head coach, to the student-athletes and then on to the professor. The
sooner information about missed class time is communicated to
all parties, the
better. Planning and communication are essential to making everything work for
the better!
Fundraising Events
All sports are encouraged to hold fundraising events to supplement the budget
provided by the College. All fundraising formats are to be approved by the Athletic
Director and the Compliance office before events are scheduled. All BSC Athletic
Department personnel are encouraged and expected to participate whenever
Camps & Clinics
Each sport is encouraged to hold camps and clinics whenever it is convenient to the
coaches and the College’s facilities. In August of each year, requests for dates and
facilities must be turned in to the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will make
a determination of which sports and dates have precedence and will schedule the
camps according to the facilities proposed and available. The Compliance Office
must approve all camp brochures.
The NCAA rules and regulations prohibit a member of BSC’s athletic staff to be
involved with the operation, administration, scheduling, or promotion of an outside
showcase or all-star game that uses BSC’s athletic facilities. Only the Athletic
Director, after consultation with the Compliance Office, may be approached and
approve the camp or showcase being held on campus. The Director of Physical
Fitness and Recreation has coordinated various athletic camps, showcases,
tournaments, and clinics and has information regarding facility rental, staffing
requirements, and other important aspects about these events.
As a safety and injury precaution for camp attendees, each camp is
to have
a certified athletic trainer on duty during camp hours. BSC’s athletic training staff
are eligible to be employed, but are not required, to staff a sport camp. The coach is