All personal vehicle mileage is reimbursed at a rate of $.505/mile.
In the event that a student-athlete wants to stay in a city with family and/or friends
after a game/match (and the head coach will permit it), the head coach may allow
the student-athlete to stay but must have the approval from the parents/guardians
either before the trip or after the game/match. If a parent/guardian cannot be
contacted, then the student-athlete must return to campus with the rest of the
traveling party. NCAA rules do not permit the athletic department to incur any
expense(s) associated with a student-athlete staying longer that the team or
traveling home with parents (i.e., airline ticket change fee, mileage for parents, etc.).
Please remember that BSC Athletic Department staff members must be mindful of
NCAA rules and regulations while traveling for the College.
Team Travel
Coaches are responsible for the safety and conduct of the student-athletes and
others in the travel party. As a good practice, coaches should establish policies for
their team’s travel. The policies should address issues such as not leaving the hotel
without a parent, coach, or other athletic department person and
consumption/possession of alcohol, drugs, etc. Coaches are to make a reasonable
effort to ensure their team travel policies are enforced. For example, curfew and
bed checks could be conducted, as well as front-desk reports and phone calls to the
student-athletes’ rooms.
The NCAA rules will not allow the Athletic Department to pay for incidental charges
that the student-athletes may incur (i.e., telephone calls, mini-bar purchases,
movie/game rental, etc.). The NCAA does allow an institution to cover Internet
access charges and long distance charges incurred during official team travel. These
charges must be necessary for the student-athletes to complete academic
coursework that is required while the student-athlete is away from campus on
official team travel or within a reasonable period of time thereafter. The specific
sport budget will be responsible for these charges unless approval is obtained from
the Athletic Director.
Gender Equity
BSC’s Athletic Department is committed to the spirit of and adherence to Title IX
and all issues related to gender equity. The department will strive to maintain the
focus of equality, participation and diversity in all sports programs and facility
renovation and construction. Any questions regarding BSC’s commitment to gender
equity should be directed to the Athletic Director and/or the Human Resources
While a winning season and post-season championships are desired by all coaches, a
balance must be struck between a win-at-all-costs attitude and what the student-
athletes are being taught by their participation on the various teams. All athletic
department staff members are expected to be the best role models possible so that