the sport and areas of responsibility will be reviewed so that the proper funding can
be considered for the upcoming year.
Fine tuning of the budget request is performed in February, and Budget Committee
meetings take place in March, April, and May, with the results distributed in the
form of the new budget at the end of the school year in May.
The College has a centralized office that makes all the purchases for all areas and
departments of the College. No one individual has the authority to purchase or to
obligate the College for any indebtedness unless specifically authorized by the Vice
President for Business and Finance and/or the Director of Purchasing.
The head coach of each sport must initiate all purchase requests. The Purchasing
Department will place the order and will send the department a copy of the
purchase order and an approval copy. Upon receipt of the goods, the department
will forward the approval copy to the Purchasing Department for payment to the
This policy must be followed, as any purchase initiated by an
individual without the prior approval of the Purchasing Department may
make that person individually responsible for the purchase amount. Also, any
purchases that are to be made from the “20-Fund” MUST be approved in
advance by the Athletic Director.
BSC Sports Logo & Official School Colors
The BSC Athletic Department requires that all sports teams adhere to policies
relative to the Board of Trustees-approved logo for athletics and the official colors of
BSC athletic teams, as outlined in the Fitzmartin marketing plan of 1999. The key
points of the plan are:
Official BSC Colors – The official colors of BSC Athletics are Black, White,
Gold (PMS-130), and an accent of Blue (PMS-286). These are the only colors
that may be used on any uniforms, hats, bags, practice equipment, warm-
ups, letterhead and envelopes.
Publications – We will continue to produce first-class sports publications
that are uniform in look, design, and content. Again, this is part of the
uniform branding philosophy of the athletic program.
Travel Authorizations
Each head coach and assistant coach has been issued a VISA corporate credit card
for use with team travel, team supplies, general supplies, game management and/or
recruiting expenses. All expenses must be covered either with budgeted funds
provided by the College, funds raised by a special event, or a combination of both
sources. During team travel, it is requested that coaches make plans, provisions and
allowances for the ATC and/or SID who may be traveling with them, since their
services are directly related to the team.
All air travel should be made via the most direct route and for the normal coach fare.