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For Future Students

For Future Students

For Future Students

Thinking about coming to BSC? Wondering what this means for you?

Starting in the Fall of 2018, we’re resetting tuition and mandatory fees back to 2002 levels—that’s $17,650. Why? Because we want this quality, life-changing education to be available to everyone.

We’ll still be offering financial aid, and of course federal and state aid are also available if you’re eligible. With on-campus housing and dining rolled in, our total price will be $29,950 per year before aid is applied.

At most private colleges, you start out with an elevated sticker price—often more than $50,000!—and then start amassing scholarship dollars to bring it within range. At many state institutions, you start out with a low per-credit-hour price and then the costs climb as you add program fees, extras like Greek life, and additional semesters it may take to complete your degree.

At BSC, we’re embracing transparency so you and your family will have a clearer view of the value of a BSC education from the very beginning. We’re still awarding scholarships to honor your academic achievements. And when you file a FAFSA, you’ll be considered for need-based aid as well.

Why are we doing this? Because we heard over and over from students and families that they just couldn’t look at BSC—even if they knew it was absolutely the best choice for them—because they were scared by the high sticker price. We knew many families paid far less, thanks to our generous financial aid packages. And we know that a BSC education puts you on a pathway to success no matter what field you choose. So we want that option to be available to everyone.

“Students and families are telling colleges all across the United States—and they’re telling us—that encountering a high published price is a real barrier to a high-quality education. We want to make sure that the best and brightest students have access to the kind of personalized, challenging, hands-on educational experience that BSC provides.” --BSC President Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith