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For Current Students

For Current Students

For Current Students

You’re probably wondering, “How does this affect me?”

If you are a current BSC student and you meet your existing scholarship requirements, you will not pay a higher cost for tuition and mandatory fees next year.

If we had not done the reset, we would have raised your tuition by the standard annual increase of 3.9 percent. Instead, the tuition reset—combined with a comparable reset of BSC’s institutional aid packages—will essentially freeze your tuition at 2017-2018 levels.

In addition, we’re freezing housing rates. So if you stay in the same residence hall and same living situation, your costs for housing will not increase—a savings of as much as $450/year. First-year students moving to second-year housing (from New Men’s to Bruno, for example) and other students who choose more expensive housing options (say, from Bruno to Lakeview) will see slight increases on their room fees.

You’ll still get your merit scholarship from BSC, but we’re reducing those proportionally with the reset. Same for need-based institutional aid. The outside aid you get—from federal and state grants or from private scholarships—may very well stay the same, saving you additional money.

And you can count on similar savings from the tuition reset year after year. Instead of a 3.9 percent increase on $35,850, we’ll base that increase going forward on the reset tuition of $17,650. That’s actual dollars in savings over the course of your four years at BSC.

Still have questions? Each current student wil receive a letter with the details of your financial aid package and how this reset will personally affect you. But we’ll say it one more time: except for housing changes or any voluntary fees, you will not pay more next year. Nor will you pay more than the new students arriving on campus, whose financial aid packages will be based on the new, reset tuition.