Academic Year Information 2014-2015 - page 10

Committees of the College 2014-2015
Admission and EM
Steve Hendley
Anita Huang
Lester Seigel
Michael Flowers
Clyde Stanton, Chair
Sara Newhouse
Sara Hoover,
ex officio
Paul Cleveland
Randy Law
Doug Riley, Chair
Robby Prince,
ex officio
Noreen Gaubatz,
ex officio
Kyndall Waters,
ex officio
Bunting/Hess Advisory
Kent Andersen
Bill Myers, Chair
Greta Valenti
Kristin Harper,
ex officio
Shelby Kile, student
Denzel Okenido, student
Academic Advising
Mary Harrison
Jack Taylor
Stacey Thornberry
Chunbei Wang
Kathleen Rossmann, Chair
Jason Peevy,
ex officio
Exploration Term/Contract
Jeffrey Barton
Steve Cole, Chair
Michael McInturff
Matthew Mielke
Jody Stitt
Katy Leonard,
ex officio
Faculty Athletics Affairs
David Ullrich, FAR
Faculty Team Liaisons
Harrison Honors
Susan K. Hagen, Chair
Guangjin Qu
Maria Stadnik
Russell Day, student
Sydney Middleton, student
Health Professions
Fred Ashe
Kim Lewis
David Schedler
Melanie Styers (Spring)
Susan Buckingham, Chair
Yvette Spencer,
ex officio
Information Technology
Leon Couch
Genell Lewis-Ferrell, Chair
Carolyn Garrity
Peter Van Zandt
Anthony Hambey,
ex officio
Megan O’Leary,
ex officio
International and Area
Dan Coyle, Chair
Guy Dalto
Jackie Leary-Warsaw
Helen Dolive,
ex officio
Anne Ledvina,
ex officio
Taylor Bain, student
Institutional Review
Joseph Chandler
Jason Heaton, Chair
Pam Sawallis
ex officio
Martha Ann Stevenson,
Media and Film Studies
William Hustwitt
Mary Kate Lizotte
Shane Pitts
David Resha, Chair
Kevin Shook
Pam Venz
Sustainability/ UES
Jane Archer
Scott Dorman
Bill Holt, Chair
Francesca Gross,
ex officio
George Klersey
Lauren Kinsey, student
student to be confirmed
Teacher Education
Tyler Dart
Steve Laughlin
Ben Posey
Kelly Russell, Chair
Sandra Sprayberry
Emma Humphrey, student
The Provost’s Office will be
working this year to bring the
IRB into Federal compliance.
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