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BSC statement regarding executive order on immigration

BSC statement regarding executive order on immigration

For Immediate Release
Jan. 30, 2017

Birmingham-Southern College is continuing to research how this order, which, if it stands, bars the entry of Syrian refugees to the United States and imposes a 90-day ban on all immigrant and non-immigrant entry from seven predominantly Muslim countries, might impact BSC. There are a number of ways this order touches the lives of BSC students, faculty, staff and families.

  • A small number of current BSC students hail from the countries listed; even though they have legal permission to reside in the U.S., they cannot leave the country and expect re-admittance and their families cannot visit them during the ban. However, we are working to ensure these BSC students can continue their studies without interruption.
  • The status of international students at various stages of the BSC application process may be jeopardized because their countries of origin are among those listed in the ban. That impact may broaden for future or current students if the Trump administration expands the list of nations after 60 days, as is allowed by the wording of the order.
  • Family members of some of our BSC community may not be allowed to enter the U.S. due to their own immigration status or country of origin.

This order has created deep concern and uncertainty for many, including BSC students and faculty with plans to conduct research in or near the targeted areas. Those who have been affected by this order or who have questions about travel plans are encouraged to contact our coordinator of international student services.

As a BSC family, we share a commitment to care for all our students, faculty, staff and the broader collegiate community, regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds, or citizenship. We value diversity and inclusion on and off our campus. All of us who represent Birmingham-Southern should also extend the same care and consideration to members of our human family well beyond the Hilltop.

“Whatever your political stance, whatever issues are important to you, now is the time to live out BSC’s mission of engaging in our community and the greater world, examining diverse perspectives, and living with integrity,” BSC President Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith said in a message to the campus community. “Forward, Ever!”

About Birmingham-Southern College:
Birmingham-Southern College is a four-year, private liberal arts institution in Birmingham, Ala., founded in 1856 and affiliated with the United Methodist Church. It enrolls about 1,300 students from more than 30 states and 15 foreign countries.