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Web Site Change Request Submission Guidelines

Web Site Change Request Submission Guidelines

In order to make sure that requests for changes to the BSC Web site are processed expeditiously,the Office of Communications has set up the following guidelines for the submission of change requests:

  1. All requests should be submitted in writing, via e-mail to  If you call in a request, be sure to follow up the conversation with an e-mail.

  2. Make the subject line of your e-mail reads: Web Site Change Request (please use this exact wording)

  3. Include in the body of the e-mail the complete URL of the page on which the changes will be made, i.e.,  Simply go the page in your browser and copy and paste the URL into your request message.

  4. If the request involves more than just minor editing, please include an electronic copy of the text to be inserted.

  5. Include your first and last name, department, and phone number in your e-mail.  If you use an e-mail signature with this information, that’s sufficient.

  6. If the changes are time-sensitive, please include the date on which you’d like them to go live.

  7. If you send in a Change Request and you don’t get a response within one week, please follow up to make sure it was not misplaced.

Also, if you have any suggestions, constructive criticism, or other comments, please send them to mhamilto@bsc.eduwith the subject line: Site Feedback/Suggestion.

Remember, complying with these requests will greatly speed up the update process, ensuring that your changes go live in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Hamilton at extension 7790 or via e-mail at