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    Instructions for BSC Email Access and Use

    As a new BSC student, you already have an email account set-up and ready for you to use. You can access your new email account by going to and logging in. You should begin the habit of checking your BSC email at least once daily, as this is the official means the College will use to communicate much information to you. Orientation and other new student information will be sent to you via this email address soon.

    You may remember that your log-in information was provided to you by Admissions soon after you submitted your confirmation of attendance. If you have not yet logged in and have forgotten or misplaced that information, you will need to contact Mrs. Marilyn Gillespie in Admission at 205.226.4680 or to retrieve your initial information.

    If you have your account information and need to create your password, follow these instructions:

    1. Visit the Password Management Portal (or go to the BSC website, click MyBSC, and select Password Change.)
    2. Enter your username, click next, and answer the two security questions.
    3. Enter a new password that contains three of the following: uppercase letter(s), lowercase letter(s), number(s), and symbol(s). There is a seven character minimum, you cannot use your name or username in the password, and you cannot use your previous two passwords.

    After you have visited the Password Management Portal and set your password, you can login to your email account at (or go to the BSC website, click MyBSC, and select BSC Email.)

    For online safety and security, please adhere to the following when using your official BSC email account.

    • The BSC Information Technology Department will never ask for your password via email or any other means. DO NOT RESPOND to spam or phishing emails asking you for your account credentials!
    • DO NOT use your BSC email to register with a website or online service. This can increase the amount of spam you receive. Utilize a free email account from Gmail or Hotmail.
    • Always DELETE unsolicited emails or those from unknown senders. If you are unsure, contact the Help Desk for assistance.
    • Please do not share your account credentials with anyone and notify the BSC help Desk immediately if you believe your account has become compromised.

    TheSIS access

    What is TheSIS? 
    TheSIS is the student information system that allows you to register for classes, view your grades and transcript, view your bill and see financial information to name a few.  This system is your easy access to the College regardless of where you are.

    How can I access my TheSIS account? 
    You may access TheSIS by going to MyBSC in the header of most any page for and choosing TheSIS.

    NOTE: If you have tried too many times to log into TheSIS with an incorrect username or password, the system will lock your account for 10 minutes, as a security measure. If you try again during that 10-minute interval, the clock will be reset. You must wait the full 10 minutes for the security feature to unlock the account.


    Guide to Personal Computing on the Hilltop

    Printable PDF

    If you are planning to bring your own computer, our Information Technology department recommends the following minimum standards for new computers being purchased to serve students' needs throughout their time at Birmingham‐Southern College:

    • 2 GHz processor or faster (Intel or AMD processor, dual core or better)
    • 2 GB RAM (minimum. 4GB or more is highly recommended)
    • 80 GB Hard Drive (minimum)
    • CD/RW drive 24X or faster (combo CDRW/DVD or DVD‐RW recommended)
    • Windows 7 (32 bit or 64-bit), or Mac
    • Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 (Office 2008/2011 for Mac)
    • Built‐in network adapter (wired, wireless or both)
    • LCD flat panel monitor
    • 4GB or more USB key (aka "thumb drive" for storing files)

    Birmingham‐Southern College has teamed up with Dell and Apple to offer students special prices with exclusive discounts and promotions. See the Dell Purchasing and Apple Purchasing links on our BSC Helpdesk site.

    While any PC manufacturer is acceptable, we do suggest that students purchase name brands since they tend to be more reliable in our experience and easier to have repaired. For those considering laptops, it will be important to know that HP, Apple, IBM, Dell, Gateway, Sony, and Toshiba have local authorized service representatives.

    Each residential student is provided a 10 Mbps network connection.  A wireless umbrella to allow for a seamless transition from living spaces to classrooms and the open areas between means you are always connected.  Apogee Networks provides this integrated setting with a Helpdesk available 24x7 to assist with problems at (877) 478-8861.  Connectivity for gaming consoles such as XBox and PS3 or other wireless devices such as iPads and tablets are easy to connect and manage.

    A quick guide to see more technology details from printing to linking a smart phone to e-mail can be found at our BSC Helpdesk site.


    Instructions for BSC wireless network Access and Use

    At BSC, we recognize that technology plays an important role in your total educational experience. Apogee, BSC’s ResNet wireless provider, and its contractors have installed and upgraded all 240 wireless access points on campus, resulting in a 300% increase in basic bandwidth speeds and enhancing our entire campus-wide network. For step-by-step instructions on establishing your ResNet account with Apogee, click here. For establishing a wireless connection to the network, follow these instructions.