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All new students will move into the

residence halls on Friday, August 18

between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. except for

those groups required to arrive early

(e.g., fall athletic teams, marching

band, international students).

Information on what (and what not)

to bring to campus can be found

on the Residence Life section of the

Orientation webpage. Remember, you

will be sharing space with another

person, so please be judicious when

packing and consider leaving that

bulky rock collection at home. Your

roommate will thank you, as will the

faculty, staff, and students who will

help move your belongings from your

car to your new room on Move-In Day.



If you plan to have a car on campus,

you must buy a decal for your vehicle

at Campus Police. You will complete

this process when you complete the

Housing Application or Commuter

Student Check-In process online. You

will receive your decal when you arrive

on campus for the Fall term. The cost

of the decal will be charged to your

Student Account.