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You may have questions about

computer needs and requirements,

internet access, cable connections,

and other technology-related items. To

help you understand what works best

with BSC’s systems, we have provided

information on the Orientation

webpage under “Technology.” There

you will find a “Guide to Personal

Computing” that outlines basic

requirements. You may also find out

about the services provided through

our technology partner, Apogee,

including how to gain wireless

access when you arrive in August.

We're excited to partner with several

companies that offer educational

discounts to BSC students purchasing

computers. For more information, visit

it/helpdesk/comp-purch.cfm. If you

have questions about information

technology at BSC, please contact our

IT department at

or at (205) 226-3033, option 2.



BSC offers a number of ways to pay your tuition, room, board, and other fees.

You can learn more about these methods through the “Student Accounts” link

under the “Useful Links” section of the Orientation webpage. The deadline to

sign up for a monthly plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) is July 1.

For those not participating in a payment plan, all tuition and fees are due July 31.

If you have questions regarding payment options, please call the Bursar’s Office


or call (205) 226-7871 or (205) 226-7870.