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It is critical that you begin to check your

BSC email regularly—we suggest daily—

for updates we will send throughout the

summer. Your BSC email is the college’s

main way of communicating with you.

You’ll find information on using your

account under the “Technology” tab

of the “Useful Links” section of the

Orientation webpage.

You can access your BSC email through

the “myBSC” section at the top of every

page of the BSC website. By now, you

should have received your username

and password from Admission. A typical

username is your first initial + middle

initial + up to the first six letters of your

last name, and your email address will

be your username + @

. For


Name: Rowdy T. Panther

Username: rtpanthe


Your password is initially set as the

initial of your first name + last four

digits of your BSC ID + the initial of your

last name + an exclamation point. For


Password: r1234p!





If you submitted a FAFSA, you already should have received a financial aid package

from BSC with your personalized information. If you are receiving loans and/or

work-study, you must accept them by July 1 in TheSIS (see above). After logging

into TheSIS, select “Accept/reject my financial aid awards” and accept any

loans and/or work-study awards you wish to take advantage of. There’s more

information about specific requirements in your financial aid packet. If you have

any questions about financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Planning at

or (205) 226-4688.


TheSIS (The Student Information System) is your main portal at BSC. It allows

you to access your class schedule, accept your financial aid package, view your

grades, register for classes, and review your bill. You access TheSIS with the

same username and password as your BSC email.

After logging into TheSIS, you can accept your financial aid package and

update your personal information. In order to receive communication via BSC’s

Emergency Notification system, select “Change Personal Information” and add

up to two email addresses and a cell phone number under the “Emergency

Notification” section. Also, please make sure to provide contact information for

your designated emergency contacts, most likely your parents or guardians.