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With close to 90% of students living on campus, residence life is a major part of your Hilltop experience. The Housing

Application inquiries about your living habits – sleeping routine (early bird or night owl), room condition (clean or messy),

preferred atmosphere (studious or social) – so you can be paired with someone who has similar preferences. Information

concerning the Housing Application is available on the Orientation and Residence Life websites. All applications are due no later

than May 15.

It is important to complete the application based on who you are and your preferences, not who you (or your parents) hope you

become. If you are requesting a specific roommate, you will still need to complete the Housing Application and indicate your

preferred roommate’s name. Both you and your preferred roommate must request one another to be paired as roommates.

If you don’t have a roommate yet, don’t worry! Our office will find the best match for you based on the preferences you list

on your application. If you meet someone at Summer Orientation with whom you’d like to live, simply email Residence Life to

update your preferences. Roommate and housing assignments will be emailed to your BSC email address no later than July 15.

If you have questions along the way, please contact the Office of Residence Life at

or (205) 226-4726.

BSC is committed to providing each student with the resources and support needed to ensure the best opportunity for a

healthy and successful experience on the Hilltop. If you need academic, residential, or meal plan accommodations, go to the

“Useful Links” tab on the Orientation webpage and select “Office of Accessibility” for information on the process and required

documentation. If you have questions regarding accessibility and accommodations, please contact the Office of Accessibility at

or (205) 226-7909.