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An in-depth overview of the Explorations curriculum, our general education program, can be found online and details the five major

components: connectivity, communication, creative problem solving, civic engagement, and self-direction. Your faculty advisor will explain

the curriculum more fully during Fall Orientation. For now, just know that the courses you select serve a purposeful part of your education from

your first term forward.

ES – Explorations in Scholarship (Connectivity)

WR – Writing Reinforcement (Communication)

CE – Creative Expression (Communication)

QA – Quantitative Analysis (Creative Problem Solving)

Here are the steps you should take in preparation for fall registration:

1. Look through the list of fall 2017 courses open to first-year students listed below. Descriptions of each course are available online in the

College Catalog. Once you have looked through the course offerings, go to the course selection form on the Orientation webpage, which will

guide you through the process.

2. Choose three courses from the “Explorations in Scholarship” (ES) category. These are seminars for first-year students designed to prepare

you for college level work. You are required to enroll in one of these courses in your first year at BSC, either in the fall or the spring.

3. Rank ten additional courses in order of your preference, with No. 1 as your most preferred. Please read the notes accompanying some

disciplines regarding prerequisites. Some courses require placement exams, which you can take online. You’ll find all the details on the

Orientation web page.

other courses for first-year students

Rank ten of the following courses. These are courses that are

generally open to first-year students. The list is divided by subject.

Foreign Languages

Spanish courses require a placement exam; CHN 201 and ARB 201

require instructor consent.

ARB 101 Elementary Arabic I

ARB 201 Intermediate Arabic I

CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I

CHN 201 Intermediate Chinese I

LA 101 Elementary Latin I

SN 101 Elementary Spanish

SN 201 Fundamentals of Spanish Grammar

SN 220 Intermediate Spanish

SN 270 Tertulia Española


AC 221 Accounting I


AR 111 Two-Dimensional Design (CE)

AR 112 Three-Dimensional Design (CE or IA)

AR 222 Camera Mechanics and Composition (CE)

AR 131 Printmaking: The Revolution of Media and the Matrix (ES)


Explorations in Scholarship

(ES) courses

Select three of these courses. One will be included in your final

schedule. The ES requirement must be completed in your first year.

AR 131 Printmaking: The Revolution of Media and the Matrix

ARB 170 Syria: ISIS and the Nation State of Syria

BA 201 The Real ”Bottom Line”: Foundations of Business Thought

CH 149 Chemical Principles

CL 225 Roman Culture

ED 201 Introduction to Education

EH 165 American Inequality

HI 243 Titanic: Icon of an Age

HON 233 W.E.B. DuBois and American History

HON 246 Space, Place, and Landscape

IDS 115 History and Film

MU 122 Music in Film

PY 108 Developmental Disabilities

RE 150 Religious Conflict and Peace

SO 190 Drugs and Society

THA 120 Beginning Acting

SM – Scientific Methodologies (Creative Problem Solving)

IA – Interpretation & Analysis (Creative Problem Solving)

GP – Global Perspectives (Civic Engagement)

CI – Community Interest (Civic Engagement)