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This emergency procedure manual has been designed to provide a contingency plan for

the Birmingham-Southern College community in the event of a campus emergency. While

the guide does not address every conceivable situation, it does supply the basic guidelines

necessary to cope with most campus emergencies.

This manual is the product of research with numerous emergency agencies, as well as

colleges and universities throughout the state. Any procedural change(s) or suggestion(s)

should be submitted for review to the Emergency Director.

Where and when applicable, the “Birmingham-Southern College Emergency Response

Manual” should be adhered to by the entire College community.


Unless otherwise noted, the Area Code for all phone numbers in this

manual is 205.


The basic emergency procedures outlined in this manual are designed to enhance the

protection of lives and property through effective use of College and camps community

resources. Whenever an emergency affecting the campus reaches proportions

that cannot

be handled by routine measure,


President, his designee, or Vice President for

Administration & Governmental Affairs

may declare a

state of emergency.


Only authorized persons will speak to the media concerning BSC incidents.

Generally, authorization will be coordinated through the Office of Communications.

Under no circumstances should an employee of BSC speak to the media unless

directed to do so.



In the event of extreme incidents when the potential for loss of life exists, or during

times when all other sources of communications within the campus community are

not available, the BSC emergency alert system will be utilized.

This system, provided via text messaging, voicemail, and e-mail where applicable,

is available to all current students, faculty, and staff at BSC that have opted into the