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Experiential Education

Experiential Education

Internships and More

Employers continually express a strong preference for candidates with experience that goes beyond mere academic credentials.  With more and more college graduates entering today's competitive job market, it becomes necessary for candidates to demonstrate how their college experience yielded more than just a degree.  To be successful in their career pursuits, students must apply what they've learned in the classroom and extend their education beyond the classroom.  Employers seek candidates who gained additional experience during their college tenure through involvement in campus organizations, internships, community service projects, and part-time jobs.


Extracurricular Activities

Through active participation in campus clubs and organizations, students are provided an opportunity to use and develop their skills in leadership, interpersonal relations, event planning, committee membership, fund raising and a variety of other skills that can easily transfer to the workplace.  Volunteer activities also offer students the chance to gain valuable experience through a wide range of community service projects and philanthropic efforts.

Practical experience in a risk-free environment can be gained through internships, cooperative education, and part-time or temporary jobs.  In addition to acquiring career-related knowledge and skills, students are able to make important personal contacts within their field of interest.  It is a chance for them to get their foot in the door.

Moreover, candidates with experience have more credibility and maturity and a better chance in the job market than candidates without experience.  Experience does not need to be in the form of a paid or fulltime job in order to be relevant. Valuable experience might be gained in any number of part time, freelance, or voluntary settings. Some of the best experience students gain take place on the college campus and perhaps for no pay.

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