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Treasured Objects

Treasured Objects


In the basement of Bill Battle Coliseum reclines a statue of the BSC mascot.  Its pinkish hue contrasts with its bronze sister who greets fans at the upstairs entrance. 

The Panthers

      Panther Statue          Another panther statue

Brief Commentary:

Most campuses have statues that have entered the realm of folklore because of legends associated with them. Usually, these stories involve the statue reacting to the presence of a virgin, such as “Silent Sam” on the UNC campus, who fires his rifle if a virgin walks by. Statues also become an active part of student customary behaviors.

At Northeastern University, for example, a bronze statue of the school's mascot, a husky, stands guard in the entrance to the student center. The statue is usually covered with yellow post-it® notes—the campuses unofficial message board. Other schools have statues whose body parts are worn down because students continually rub them for good luck.


  • How long have these statues been in place?
  • Are there any legends associated with them?
  • Have students customarily interacted with the statues in any way?
  • Are there other statues or sculptures on campus that are focal points for legends or behaviors?

Your Toughts?? 

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