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Creepy Angels

Creepy Angels

Creepy angels


Various Greek organizations have different mascots. Different traditions involve these mascots. For the Pi Beta Phi chapter at Birmingham-Southern, angels have taken over their house. Of course, the sorority house would hold some examples of the Greek organizations mascot, the members of this group have taken it to a different level.

Members purchase the most creepy, strange-looking, or broken creepy angels. Every thrift store involves a purchase or two of creepy angels. It began in the dorms at BSC. A suite of four Pi Phi's living in Bruno bought a creepy angel as a joke. They began hiding the angel is different parts of each person's room. The person would find it in its strange location, and then have to hide it again in someone else's belongings.

As the tradition grew, it carried over to the actual Pi Beta Phi sorority townhouse at BSC. Girls would hide the angels in their bed, in the shower, and even in the dishwasher. The creepy angels took another new turn when girls started hiding the creepy angels in places other than their rooms or around the house. Members would drive to work and find a creepy angel in their cup holder. Girls would go to class and find a picture of a creepy angel in their text book. One member went to teach at a middle school and found a creepy angel in her lap top bag in front of thirty middle school students.


Collected by Sarah Kloewer from Pi Beta Phi sisters during the Interim of 2009


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