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Jordan Crenshaw

Jordan Crenshaw

Associate Director of Admission

Phone: 205-226-4681


Territory: Louisiana, many AL counties, and I have the pleasure of working with all Home School students

Hometown: Athens, AL

Alma mater: BSC!!

Favorite college experience: It hard to top the experience of performing at the College Theatre. But when I think about my “college experience” those favorite moments happened in the dorms, laughing with my friends.

Best thing about BSC: The advising, hands down. I can’t think of another place where two department chairs will collaborate on designing one freshman’s curriculum, but that’s not a rare occurrence here.

What I love about Birmingham: When I moved to Birmingham I felt as though I was moving to the “Big City” and I love how Birmingham meets those cliché city expectations. I can walk to a local coffee shop, see fun concerts, and meet friends for dinner at a trendy restaurant after a walk around the park.

Most prized possession on your desk: A note from my boyfriend. (If that’s too cheesy) The tiny toy pig I brought on stage when I sang at Carnegie Hall.

Advice for the college search: Talk to faculty! I didn’t make my choice till after I spoke with our Theatre Chair. After our conversation I knew that was the person I wanted to work with for four years.

Standard Starbucks Order: Soy Latte

Favorite Quote: “You make every day special just by being you.” -Mr. Rogers